Our Approach

For optimal nutrition and flavor, we believe that food should always be fresh. But we also know that life gets hectic. That's why we've come up with customized services to meet YOUR needs and make sure YOUR food is always fresh, planned, and prepped!

At CRATE to TABLE, we believe that healthier eating leads to happier living. So we are taking the two most vital components -- planning and prepping -- off of YOUR plate and placing them onto ours.



Our Story

For as long as I can remember, I have loved serving others -- and even more, I have loved when my service has directly enabled someone to be somewhere they need to be, or do something that only they can do...

That's really what CRATE to TABLE is all about. It's about taking one piece of my story, and sharing it in a way that empowers YOU to live more fully within YOUR STORY.

Meet the Owner

Hi! My name is Christina and I am so excited YOU are here!  I have been busy cooking up some amazing services to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs.

At CRATE to TABLE, I get to mix together my passion for preparing food and serving YOU in a real and meaningful way. It is my hope that CRATE to TABLE can offer YOU a fresh philosophy that inspires YOU to healthier and happier living!


Christina Siemer


Next Steps...

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