What differentiates CRATE TO TABLE?

With CRATE to TABLE, your food will ALWAYS be fresh! We will NEVER leave your food in a box on your front steps. Instead -- each week, your meats and produce will be hand picked, cleaned, portioned and placed inside of your fridge. Fresher ingredients means more nutrients - for every meal.

With CRATE to TABLE, you aren't limited in your meal options for the week. Instead of offering a set of meal options that are shared with the masses, we will customize recipes each week for YOU that fit your lifestyle and your food style. And if you want to use your own recipe, that's great too! We are happy to customize your meals. At CRATE to TABLE, we want YOU to have more of a say in what meals are on your plate.


Consultations allow for a significantly higher level of client service. I believe it is imperative to know my clients and their priorities when it comes to food. During consultations I will be able to get to know more about my clients' dietary restrictions, food & nutrition habits, food style and preferences. It is really a chance for me to take customization to the next level and provide an extraordinary experience that is purposeful and personalized to meet my clients' needs. With CRATE to TABLE, you are not just another order number - YOU are my client, and I will know YOU by name.

Do I have to sort through recipes each week?

Absolutely not! With CRATE to TABLE, we understand that even just looking through recipes takes up time and can be overwhelming. That's why our service includes hand-selecting recipes for YOU! The recipes that we source will be individually chosen based on YOUR preferences. So say goodbye to filing through endless recipes and say hello to purposeful meal planning with CRATE to TABLE!

How does CRATE to TABLE pay for my groceries?

At CRATE to TABLE, we offer two different ways to pay: Venmo or CashApp.

If you do not have Venmo or CashApp set up, you will create an account and make payments through direct transfers to CRATE to TABLE. This allows for a simple and quick reimbursement. All reimbursement payments must be completed within 48 hours of original purchase date.

Where does CRATE to TABLE shop?

At CRATE to TABLE, we are committed to delivering the highest level of client service - which means shopping where YOU want us to shop! Some of the retailers we currently shop at are:

  • Whole Foods
  • Lunds & Byerys
  • Trader Joe's
  • SuperTarget
  • Jerry's Foods
  • Kowalski's
  • Fresh Thyme

We are confident that these retailers stand by their food with exceptionally high standards. What goes on your plate, goes in your body and we want to be sure to deliver the best!!