It's about the food, but it's not about the food.             It's about YOU.

And that, begins with US.


At CRATE to TABLE, it is not our services, or even the food that sets us apart, it is our people, our philosophies and our core convictions about CARE and CONNECTION that drive us to deliver an unmatched experience, every time!

We understand what a high privilege it is to serve and care for others, to feed and nourish -- both directly by the food we plan and prepare, and indirectly, by the providing YOU with more time to spend with WHO and WHAT matters most.

Slowly and purposefully, we are building our team of individuals who are committed to the vision of providing YOU with a fresh philosophy + fresh ingredients to equal YOUR custom recipe for HEALTHY and FULFILLED living!!



Stuart Wainstock

Website Maintenance & Technology Specialist

Stuart is a multi-disciplinary designer currently living in Tokyo. He prides himself in storytelling through compelling visuals while creating a positive and engaging user experience. He's worked with startups in the transportation and communication industries, managed digital design for a regional publishing company, and oversaw digital communications and community management for a marketing agency.